So sad it’s our last night here at the Tree Top Inn. This place is so relaxing and peaceful I am going to miss it!


This afternoon Hubby and I headed over to the Oktoberfest here in Big Bear, an annual party.

Picture 461

Picture 462

This was my first Oktoberfest and it was interesting to say the least…

Picture 469

A huge hall with dancers, a band, lot’s of food, beer, beer, beer, and more beer!

Picture 463

Love this sign. 

Picture 467

Never had a Warsteiner, but hey it only comes once a year!  It was actually pretty light and refreshing. I loved the froth on top!

Picture 468 

Picture 470

Picture 471

Hubby and I decided to split a little snack. Since we both don’t eat pork we decided to go with the Knockwurst, basically a beef Bratwurst.

Picture 476

My half

Picture 477

Hubby was not that big of a fan..

Picture 478

either was I ;). 

Picture 480 Picture 481

There was a fun German Band playing, the dancing was hilarious!

Picture 474

Picture 472

What a fun and festive afternoon! We stayed in again for dinner. For my dinner I made a small raspberry spinach salad with some brown rice noodles and home made marinara

Picture 483 

Picture 484

Topped with Goat Cheese

Picture 482

My last glass of Red for a while.

Picture 485

I baked Hubby’s favorite Chicken Parm, minus the cheese. He loves his bread!

Picture 487

Well friends it’s been the best active yet relaxing weekend, tomorrow I know I will feel refreshed and ready to take on the last(so sad) week of October!!

See you all tomorrow!


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