19 Hours and Still Going Strong!

Can I get a what what…I lived in the kitchen today, all the way from breakfast to dessert, I baked like crazy!! I have been wanting take another shot at making my own bread again, first time it was not the best. But tonight it came out perfect!

I present to you, Honey Whole Wheat Bread at it’s finest took me over 3 hours to make(I am so asking Santa for a bread maker!), but it was so worth the wait!!

celinas birthday 004

I of course made two batches one for the Birthday dinner I threw, and the other for this week to eat!

celinas birthday 005 

I also baked some yummy treats for our Mother’s Day Potluck but I will feature those on tomorrows post.

I asked my Cousin what her favorite meal was, and she said to make anything I wanted to make the sky was the limit! So I decided on the classic Chicken Pot Pie the healthy way of course. For an easy appetizer I made some Bruschetta topped with EVOO,Parm, and diced tomatoes with oregano baked at 350 degrees for 6 minutes. These were a huge hit, I enjoyed two while I waited for guests.

celinas birthday 010

I also set up a nice little drink bar for guests to enjoy some TJ’s Strawberry Lemonade, and other adult beverages of course.

celinas birthday 018

celinas birthday 017

This pot pie was so easy to make, I loved it because it was packed with veggies and you can portion it out for two as well.

celinas birthday 021

celinas birthday 022 

The inside goodness:

celinas birthday 026

My Aunt was a doll and brought a delicious salad filled with strawberries, veggies, pecans, grapes, and pears! I almost forgot to snap a pic so I had eaten a bit before I took this pic, but here’s what was left.

celinas birthday 024

The party went really well everyone loved the meal(they had no idea it was healthy) and were almost too stuffed for cake until I brought it out.

celinas birthday 008

I made Texas Sheet cake from Cooking Light. WOW, it tasted like molten lava cake but better! I am not a big cake lover, but this tasted so moist and kind of like a brownie! I wish I would have bought vanilla ice-cream to go with it, oh well next time.

My portion: Blurred that’s how I felt after a glass of wine or two.

celinas birthday 029

The Birthday Girl! 

celinas birthday 028

The party people!

celinas birthday 023

Celina and I are like sisters, I adore my cousin she is a God send! We were each others Maid of Honors and have been through soooo much together!

celinas birthday 030

I have two more parties to go to tomorrow and then I get to relax, well you know me I will probably doing something to keep busy!

Stay tuned to hear how everyone is doing in the TSL Challenge tomorrow! Everyone pulled in big numbers this week and I got some great ideas for everyone on how to live a more simple/green life!

I am so wiped out it’s 11:30pm which means I have been up for over 19 hours and running off 4 hours of sleep, I am so SLEEPING IN tomorrow!!!!

Night Night


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