Brunch with the Bride to Be

This morning’s brunch with Skinny Bride was so fun and yummy!

food 112

I made Oatmeal Banana Pancakes! I can’t get enough of these. Don’t worry, I will be adding these to the recipe side bar so you can try them too!

food 114

I made a bowl of fruit salad on the side, mixed fruit with a tbsp of agave nectar + lemon juice it adds just the right amount of sweetness. 

food 115

I also made us some fresh squeezed OJ from our tree in the backyard, talk about delicious! 

food 116 
For our choice of toppings we had an assortment of Nut butters, Agave Nectar, Honey, and Pure Maple Syrup.

Skinny Bride Update!

food 111Skinny Bride lost 3 pounds this week, so her new program is working great for her. She decided to start Weight Watchers, she has done it before and it is something that really works for her. This time though she will be incorporating more CLEAN food, and working on her relationship with food. She is moving forward and is glowing more then ever.

She was so sweet to get me a cute running skirt and a lavender candle for my birthday, doe’s she know me well or what?!

We chatted about wedding details and life of course.

After brunch I headed downtown sadly in my car because I had to pick up Mom’s gift for Mother’s day and there is no way I could carry it on my bike. I would have loved to make my Mom a gift, but she had already told me what she wanted a while ago and she so deserves it!

I also stopped into TJ’s and the market for groceries for the week,birthday dinner tonight and potluck tomorrow.

food 118

I used our reusable bags of course, more TSL points! I am super excited about tonight’s menu, here are some of the stars.

food 120food 121 

My favorite Riesling and a new Red! I have a lot of cooking to get to, will be posting all the recipes tonight!

food 122

I love making people food, it brings me great JOY!



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