20 Minute Tuesday

Happy TMT!!!!


Lately I have been kind of all over the place with my workouts. I
am not training for anything right now so I really don’t have a plan. I am
still doing the OH SO awesome Fitmixer Bootcamp. It’s going pretty
well, I feel like I do need a bit more cardio some days, so I have been
incorporating KB and running. I need something to start training for though!!!!
We are trying to save money for Hawaii in October so I can’t really afford to
do a race right now, maybe I should just ACT like I am training for
something…ok maybe not. I need ideas friends???? Maybe I should just enjoy
this time of not training and get out on bike and put on my shoes just for FUN!
Alright I will stop rambling now….

OH BUT GUESS WHAT? I added my current workout schedule check on the side bar link————————————————————->

Let’s get in a SWEATY 20 minute workout!!!!

So I have been doing these awesome CARD workouts, thanks to Fitmixer and have my Summer Shred participants doing them as well. I thought I would tell you all about one, so you can all get in on all the fun. Are you ready??

Workout: We are going to do some of the toughest cardio workouts with . All you need for this workout is a deck of cards. Shuffle the deck and begin with the top card; once you’ve completed the specific exercise and number, pick the next card until you’ve completed the whole deck of cards.

What you will need: Deck of cards

Be sure to warm up first and cool down and stretch afterwards!

READY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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