20 Minute Tuesday

Hey Friends!!!

So this will be my last 20 minute Tuesday that dosen’t come with a video!

I am going to start posting each of my 20 minute workouts with pictures and videos, so stay tuned!!!!


Here is today’s killer 20 minute workout

Time: 20 minutes
What you need: Timer and YOU!

Leg/Circut I

1. Jump squats 45 seconds
2. Walking Pushups- 45 seconds
3. Knee Tuck Jump 45 seconds
4. Mountain Climbers 45 Seconds
5. Alternating Lunges 45 seconds
6. Plank – 45 seconds

Rest for 15 seconds in between at the end rest for 1 minute and REPEAT!!

I did this, this morning with a client and it was KILLER!


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