Last night my KB class was one HOT BOX!!

It’s crazy how warm it has gotten all of a sudden. I feel like it was 75 degrees last week and now it’s barely under 90!! Needless to say we had a killer hot workout and sweated about 5 gallons of water!!!

I am kind of in love with my new workout tank top, the blue color is my favorite.  My friend Candice had got one at Marshall’s a couple weeks ago and I went to go see if they had anymore and they DID! It is so light and doesn’t move at all. I need to go to see if they have anymore. I will have to wait until next month 🙂

After class I was seriously contemplating eating a HUGE bowl of ice-cream for dinner, but made a wonderful black bean salad instead. Plus I drank a whole bottle of Pellegrino!

Bosco just stared me down as I scarfed it 😉

I had a reader email me a question that I thought would be great to answer here on the blog:

Question: Do you take supplements?

I take Cranberry Supplements and Prenatal vitamins, but not because I am prego. I like the cranberry supplements because they help keep my UT healthy (TMI I am sure) and the prenatal for strong nails and long hair 😉

When you say you have 5-6 meals a day, what is a average day look like?

7am : Breakfast: Banana Whipped Oatmeal

10am : Snack: Greek Yogurt + Honey + A Little Homemade Granola

12:30pm : Lunch: Salad= Veggies + Protein + Fruit + Whole Grain

3:30pm: Snack: Apple + Sting Cheese (or some fruit with protein)

6:30pm : Dinner : Protein (chicken or lean red meat + Veggie + Brown Rice or Brown Pasta + Fruit)

**late night snack if I am still hungry will be a piece of fruit or yogurt.

This works for me, but if you are trying to lose weight than I would suggest you watch your calorie intake, portions are EVERYTHING!

My Question to you all….

Are you a 3 meal a day kind of person or 5-6 small meals kind of person??


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