Good evening 🙂

So this post is going to be short and simple because 75% of my day was being lazy on the couch. Could I walk? Yes. Could I walk fast? No.

I did manage to eat a Annie’s burrito for lunch and have tofu and veggies for dinner.

Oh ya and I got a massage and pedicure!! Yes both are now a must after a marathon!

I also chatted with Melissa on the phone and got all jazzed up for the Foodbuzz festival in just three weeks! Who’s going?!

Ok so that sums up my entire day.

Oh and my stomach is still night right, think I will be calling in sick tomorrow. Oh tummy please come back to normal!


P.S. THANK YOU all for being such an encouragement and for reminding me that the blogging community is AMAZING as always 🙂


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