Post Marathon Tricks


So I decided to take a sick day to get myself 100% better!! When I woke up I felt like POO! After a long shower, coffee, and a GM I started feeling much better.


Coffee to get me moving 🙂


GM to get me well 🙂


My stomach is slowly recovering. I am not sure what has really caused the uncomfortable tummy problems. I was trying to some research and I think it has something to do  with my electrolytes being off. I took two GU’s during the marathon and two chomps. I probably needed MORE. I think the heat had a good amount to do with it as well. I was drinking NON stop, but not sure it was enough (or maybe I had too much). Either way I am making sure to take care of my body by drinking plenty of liquids and I am back to eating REAL food.


Something I do know is how to take care of my legs. Here are 4 great tips I wrote a while back about how to recover after a long run/race. Enjoy 🙂

1. Ice. Strenuous exercise produces inflammation in your muscles. Ice applied directly onto the areas of deep soreness will reduce swelling and soreness. A cold shower or bath can produce the same results.

2. Hot soak. A Jacuzzi or hot bath can bring a lot of relief to sore, tight muscles. The moist heat draws blood and fresh oxygen into the muscles, increasing circulation. Improved circulation relaxes muscle tissue and reduces soreness.

3. Epsom salt bath. A salt bath will help to draw toxins out of your body while restoring much needed magnesium. Magnesium helps to increase serotonin levels, improving your body’s ability to relax.

4. Vitamin E. Recent studies performed by Dr. Jennifer Sacheck of Tufts University in Boston indicate that taking vitamin E may reduce the onset of delayed muscle soreness. Stationary bike sessions. Also, easy stationary bicycle sessions after a heavy leg strength workout can help flush out lactic acid and other waste products, reducing soreness and time of recovery.


What you do after a workout is just as important as during. Following some of these simple tips will make exercising much more enjoyable.