3 Miles Under 20 Minutes!

Today’s was Tuesday Track Day! I thought last week was the hardest speed work I have ever done, well I was wrong this week was even more KILLER!

One Sweaty BEAST! My face says it all 🙂



I warmed up on the track for about 15 minutes, 1.5 miles and then took off for a speedy 5k.

My first mile was super fast, too fast: 6:32 second mile: 6:35, third mile: 6:59.

I was way under 7:02 and managed to run a 5k in under 20 minutes!! In between each mile I took a one minute rest break. I am not going to lie this wasn’t easy and I kept telling myself that if it were everyone would do it!!

I also thought of a new running shirt I want Hubby to design for me, can’t wait to share it with you guys!

I made sure to spend a good amount of time stretching, it felt like I was in track again!

IMG_7810 IMG_7812

I think I got some SUN today 😉


I do have to say, I am LOVING the sun staying out later at night! The track never looked so beautiful.


I think I drank my water in like a minute!! 


I had to go to more meetings tonight for AD stuff so I didn’t get home until late. Which meant cereal for dinner 🙂


Tomorrow someone has a birthday in the McCormick household 😉 , so guess who’s attempting to bake? ME! You all know I am not a baker so wish me luck ( I have an Irish Hubby how much more luck do I need) !


So far the first batch is looking pretty good 🙂


Time to go frost 🙂

Night Night

P.S. Thank you for all the kind words about the changes taking place, I can’t wait to get started!