Before I explain the 30 day Detox, let me catch you all up on my Sunday. Yesterday Sandra and I (Hubby wasn’t feeling well) went to Oak Glen, a beautiful place to pick fresh apples and much more! We started off our day with some delicious authentic Mexican food

Picture 233

We both decided to split the Ranchero Burrito. 

Picture 234

Filled with Ranchero Style Chicken and Beans. Topped with the best Red Sauce and Cheese! Normally I skip the cheese, but I thought what the heck!

Picture 235

After our filling lunch we walked around to check out all the fun.Picture 238

We stopped by the fresh Cider Press.

Picture 240

Picture 239

We had some yummy Apple Cider

Picture 251

Then we sampled all of these amazing butters and things. 

Picture 241

Picture 243

Picture 244


Picture 245

Picture 246

Picture 249

It was so nice to be out and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather!

After our trip to Oak Glen we decided to go shopping for our 30 day Detox. We went to our local Health Market (not as good as WF). 

*Ok so here is the deal with the 30 day Detox. I have been wanting to do this Detox for a while now for several reasons:

#1. I want to give up my addiction to coffee(only have it once in a while).
#2. I am hoping this helps my tummy get back on track, and not hurt all the time.
#3. To get more energy!
#4. To clean out the junk in my diet. I know I eat pretty clean, but these past couple months I have been giving into CRAP!

The Detox is not that much different from my normal diet here are the main things I can not have for 30 days.

Caffeine (except green tea)
Meat (except fish)
Salt (we can have sea salt)
No Added Sugar
NO preservatives
No Oils (only Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
No Dairy Products

You would be surprised at how may products have all of these ingredients and a ton of it. We spent over an hour reading labels.

Picture 253

Loved all the food I was buying, and actually spent a lot less then I normally do at the grocery store. Of course I bought Hubby his “Meat”. 

Picture 252

Today is my first day of the Detox and my last week of my fast. We wanted to start the Detox before Thanksgiving, that way we can enjoy some pie :). This is not a life time diet, just something to help me wean of of caffeine and help me feel better. I am constantly battling with tummy aches! Sandra did it last spring and felt great!!!

I am so happy it’s Monday (I know I am crazy!), I just love a fresh new start. With all the wedding festivities I didn’t get a workout in all weekend, but I have x-country practice and I teach kickboxing tonight so I will sure be making up for it!

This morning I made a Green Monster. These are perfect for this Detox, all natural no preservatives, and super yummy!

Picture 254 

Question: Have you ever done a Detox? How do you feel about them?



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