My first day on my Healthy “Detox” was a success! I did battle a major caffeine headache around 4pm, but as soon as I went to cross country practice and ran 4 miles, I felt much better!


One large salad with, spinach, apples, grapes, chopped nuts, and veggies. For a dressing I mixed EVOO and Balsamic Vinegar.


A side of Wasabi dried garbanzo beans, LOVE THESE! 


and a brown rice cake with Barney Butter. 


After work today I headed to cross country practice where we ran an easy 4 miles. They have another meet tomorrow so no hard running today. In between my practice and kickboxing I had a Cherrie Pie Larabar! I haven’t had one of these in a while. They are perfect for the detox, real ingredients.


I then killed some time at Barnes and Noble. I read up on some healthy benefits of a HEALTHY detox. I love what the preface of this book said, “ A Detox can help your body get back to being balanced…” 


Kickboxing kicked my butt as always and I really didn’t have much of an appetite even though I knew I needed to eat. I made a quick bowl of Corn Puff Cereal with a nanner and Barney Butter

Picture 257

I also had a small glass of Chocolate Silk Milk! Can you believe that this has NO SALT (sea salt which I can have) and NO ADDED SUGAR!!!! 

Picture 258

Alright friends, because I have a Cross Country Meet tomorrow and have to leave work early, I have to go in extra early. Which means I need to be in bed right NOW! I am going to take my new Magazine….

Picture 259

and go cuddle with these two :). 

Picture 256

See you nice and early! Nite Nite!



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