Missing The Gym

Sadly I have fallen back in love with the GYM! I so need to quit, but I do love a lot of the equipment that I don’t have at home. I am going to miss speed workouts on the treadmill!! Is that enough to pay $15 a month for???

While I was there this is what I did….

The Gym Circuit

  • Warm-Up 10 min on the elliptical
  • 20 X Bicep Curls with alternating lunges-8-10 lbs
  • Bicep Curls Alone 1 minute nice and slow-8 lbs
  • 20 X Military Presses 10lbs
  • Lat Pull Down Machine- 50lbs set of 15
  • Triceps Shoulder Raises 10lns 20 on each arm
  • 50 Sumo Squats with 10 lbs weight
  • Side Lat Raises 15, started with 8lbs
  • Front Lat Raises 15 with 8lbs
  • 2 min sprints on “dread mill” at 7:15 mile pace
  • Repeat Circuit Above
  • 20 pushups on toes
  • 10 Tricep Pushups on Knees
  • 10 pushups on toes

AB Workout

  • 25 AB Legg Pull Ups on the machine (not sure what these are called)
  • My AB Workout
  • 25 AB Legg Pull Ups


I love how Tina has Cookie Friday, but I am not a huge fan of cookies. So I have decided to do SBUX Friday!!! Had their Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon Sandwiches + Tall Coffee.


I love coming in late on Friday’s, because I am so much more productive in the MORNING!!! I cleaned the kitchen, my car, caught up on emails, and managed to iron!!! I am thinking about working 10-6 this summer, what do you guys think??? I do love getting off at 4:30 though.

When I got to work it was already time for lunch. I started with some Lemon Mineral Water…

blog 306

and enjoyed my second half of my Subway Sandwich from Wednesday night.

blog 307

Along with a big bowl of veggies!

blog 308

Alright friends more questions answered.

Q: Do you think you would ever go vegetarian??

I honestly think I could. I am not a huge meat eater, but I am not against it either. I think the hardest part for me would be when we go to other peoples house’s for dinner and they serve meat. I would hate to offend anyone and I don’t want people to go out of their way to cook something different for me. I also really love FISH!

Q: I just recently got into running (I just ran my first 1/2 marathon!), but I would like to find other runners in my area and meet people that like to run so I don’t have to do all the races I want to by myself. Any advice for finding local runners? I live in Miami.

What a great question! I went online and typed in local running groups with my city and found some great ones! I think that map my run site has some running boards too. I do know a great runner in Miami that has a blog. Her name is Amanda and her blog is called Runtothefinish. I am sure if you get in touch with her she will hook you up!

Q:What are your favorite staples that you always have in the pantry/fridge?

BEANS, black, garbanzo, kidney, pinto..I also always have vegetable stock, marinara sauce, bananas, Greek Yogurt, spinach, apples, cilantro(random I know), soy milk, and eggs on hand. These are things I have to weekly pick up!

Q: Hi Bobbi! What is your weight and height, and on average, how many calories do you consume a day?

I already answered the first part of the question, but not the second. I don’t really count calories, but I try and shoot for at least 2,000 every day. 400-500 in my main meals and 200-250 in my snacks! When I am training for a marathon it’s more like 2,500!

Q: How do you keep it all together? I have a job that requires I work 12 hours days, usually 6-7 days a week. I don’t have much time for mental breaks, let alone breaks to work out. Any advice?

Another great question! I have mention this so much on my blog and I will say it again it’s all about planning. I seriously would probably go crazy if I didn’t take time out on Sunday’s to plan out my week. I also think making sure my lunch is packed, my work-out clothes are out, my outfit for the week is ready, and dinner is prepped for the next day all before I go to bed really calms my nerves 🙂 and Hubby really balances me out!! GETTING UP EARLY is essential too, which mean an early bed time.

Q:What is your marathon PR and what was your time in Boston?  I’m training for my fourth Boston woohoo!

My PR is 3:21 at St.George Marathon it was my Boston qualifying time!

Q: What part of the country do you live in?  Your about page says small business owner, what is that business?  Do you enjoy writing on your blog?

I live on the West Coast! I do have a small business called a Need-A-Sitter, it’s a sitter referral service and it’s more like a personal thing for me. I really want families to be able to take a break and go out on dates once in awhile and have a trusting babysitter to watch their kids. So ya there it is.

Q: Where do you like to do your training runs?  Is there a favorite route that you have that you could share (anywhere between 3 and 10 miles)?  My neighborhood is getting boring and I’d love some new routes/ideas!  Thanks!

I like to Run in the City close by down the hill! I live in an area that is filled with HILLS so I run their once a week but try and get to the track at least once too. If this question is from someone near me send me an email and we will chat!


More answers to come…..


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