31 Day Yoga Challenge

IMG_4120 Inspired by Tina’s  and my friend Sarah’s Yoga Challenge, I have decided to devote the month of December to a 31-day yoga challenge.

Sticking with Tina’s Rules:

The rules are simple: For a day to qualify, there must be a minimum of 20 minutes of structured yoga. For me, this means some sort of guided yoga, like yogadownload.com’s audio sessions, yoga videos, or an in-person class. I officially start the challenge on Wednesday December 1st and it will run through the 31st!

My posts will include various insights, lessons learned, observations, difficulties, physical and mental changes, and, in general, track my progress throughout my 31-day yoga journey. I know this challenge isn’t going to be a piece of cake, especially with the crazy life! I still want to run and do KB, but they will be second to my practice. I am hoping this will help me become stronger and more balanced in all that I do! IMG_4131

So, why am I challenging myself to 31 days of yoga?

  • I LOVE Yoga! I always feel great after every class! I know that if I went regularly then I would really see the true benefits.
  • I need a challenge. I feel a little lost right now and no I am not ready for a marathon or anything of the sort, but I need a little push to get out there.
  • I want to find peace and balance. I am a big klutz sometimes!
  • I would really like to see if I truly feel any different by doing yoga every day for 31 days!
  • Keeping sane during this crazy month of Holiday madness


If you’re interested in joining the challenge, please let me know!!!


One response to “31 Day Yoga Challenge”

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