7 miles on Thanksgiving

We got off to a late start this morning, Hubby and I slept in until 8:30!! Guess our bodies needed it :). We got all bundled up and went out for an 7 mile run, well I ran 7 miles and Hubby ran the first 3 with me.

Picture 481

It was actually not that cold, I was sweating a lot! I ran about a 9:30 mile with Hubby and then took off an averaged a 8:30 the rest of the way. It felt great to get out and run,  I hadn’t run since my Sunday 10k.

Picture 482

The ecstatic 7 mile look :) 

Picture 486

So THANKFUL for today! 

Picture 489

I came back to the house and made a delicious bowl of oats. My SIL is so wonderful and has all my favorite breakfast toppings!

Picture 490

Oats(these are really good)

Picture 491

I topped my Oats with nanner, pecans, honey, and granola. 

Picture 494

Picture 495

I may or may not have had two one of these delicious sausage balls! 

Picture 497

Time to head out to Memphis for Dinner with the MIL.

I am THANKFUL for all of YOU today!!!!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving friends, I am thankful for my  Hubby, Health, Family, Friends, and the LOVE of God!

To all my Family in CA, I LOVE YOU ALL!!


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