McCormick Thanksgiving 2009

Evening friends! While you actually won’t get this until the morning because the MIL doesn’t have wireless so Hubby will be publishing this for me tomorrow.

I can’t believe this Thanksgiving day has come to an end! I loved being here in the South with Hubby’s family, but I couldn’t help to miss mine at home today.

I have to say there is something to be said about all the beautiful homes here in the South.

Picture 506

Picture 508

We had a three hour drive to the MIL’s house today so dinner didn’t start until around 6pm, which meant I had a few sausage balls on the way over as well as a Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino 😉 While the ladies were in the kitchen the boys were watching football and looking at the ads for tomorrows big SALES!

Picture 522

They were too cute! 

Picture 510 

Picture 520

Dinner was AMAZING! There was more food then we knew what to do with. 

Picture 527

The adult table. 

Picture 512

I made a sweet potato casserole from Bella Eats.  It had a pecan and brown sugar topping that tasted so scrumptious I could have eaten the whole thing!

Picture 514

My favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner is the cornbread dressing! I am so glad this holiday only comes once a year, because I could eat this whole dish! 

Picture 517

Picture 539

We celebrated with a bottle of Martini and Rossi. 

Picture 529

I am always afraid to open Champaign

Picture 533

My SIL’s plate (yes she is a little OCD)..I love her!

Picture 545

My plate, I went with a little of everything minus the rolls because I can have those any time of the year. 

Picture 540

We toasted and gave Thanks for the clothes we have on our backs, the shelter over our heads, the food we have to eat, and each other! 

Picture 567

Picture 543

This is Hubby’s Mother, Sister Michelle, BIL Brad, and Godmother

Picture 551

Family portrait time…

Picture 554 

Picture 557 

Picture 565

Picture 562

Funny full pictures..

Picture 556Picture 558

This one is my favorite! 

Picture 563

As if we weren’t full enough, what is Thanksgiving without PIE?! I enjoyed a sliver of Apple pie, and some of Paula Dean’s Pecan Pie!

Picture 581 

A La Mode of course 🙂

Picture 548

After dinner we all sat around looking at old pictures of the McCormick family. Hubby was an adorable baby, he also weighed 9 pounds! 

Picture 570


Picture 574

Hubby and Mom, love this photo! 

Picture 575

What our boys will look like 🙂

Picture 578

What are girls will look like, just kidding! Hubby was tortured by my SIL when he was little, she used to dress him up like a girl…oh my..Hubby is going to kill me! 

Picture 583

Shhhhh just don’t tell him…

Picture 579

What a wonderful Thanksgiving. I fell completly content with all my food choices but, we have another dinner TOMORROW night with Hubby’s Dad!!!!!

Well friends it’s 11pm here in Memphis and we are getting up at 2:30am to hit Old Navy and other stores for black Friday! Yes I am crazy! I am just glad that I am on Holiday and can be a completely lazy! 


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