A BYO Pizza Night!

Last night was such a joy! Hubby and I have been trying to get together with another couple for a while now, and it finally worked out. Friday nights in our household are pizza nights, so we decided to invite them over to build their own pizzas. I picked up a bunch of toppings from TJ’s, that way they had plenty of choices. I also made each person their own personalized pizza crusts.

food 071

We had spinach, cashews, artichoke hearts, pesto, marinara, tomatoes, mushrooms, goat cheese, marinara sauce, salami, and basil.

Well the homemade crust baked I set out a veggie tray and some BBQ Kettle chips to snack on, I had about 4 carrot sticks and a handful of chips. This veggie tray was only $4.99 and TJ’s, if I would have bought all of these veggies separately it would have been way more!

food 075

Our guests, Josh and Heather, had so much fun building their masterpieces. They were so creative, and are now crowned the king and queen of pizza making! We have such artisic friends!

food 072

food 074

My pizza had just about everything on it, I love me some cashews!

food 077 

Hubby was also being the super creative man that he is! He put honey and some juice from an orange on his pizza! It actually tasted pretty good!

food 078

Josh’s creation! 

food 084

Heather’s creation!

food 085


food 081

We all shared this lovely bottle of TJ’s Coastal Cab, so good and such a great price. I had two small glasses, and enjoyed them both. 

food 089

Heather brought this lovely dessert, why have I never tried this?!

food 091

She even brought us sugar cones, I felt like a 10 year old again(which is the last time

food 092

Such a fun Friday night!!!

Well I just finished an 11 mile amazing run, my body felt great!! NO IT BAND PROBLEMS!!! Were off for our 25 mile bike ride to the beach, and then laying out all day and headed to a bondfire at night!

See you tonight for a full recap!


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