Walking and Talking

Long walks on a spring evening are the best! Melissa and I set out for a 5 mile walk yesterday downtown to have dinner and of course have some “girl talk”. It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day!


After a very exhausting day at work, my students are so ready to be on summer break, Melissa kindly gave me an adult beverage! She is a 5th grade teacher she knows how it is! There is nothing like a Mike’s Light Hard Lemonade on a warm day, I quickly filled my water bottle and we hit the road.


Walking is seriously a whole different kind of exercise for me. I would so rather run so it is quite challenging for me to speed walk. It’s great to mix up the muscle groups sometimes and let my legs rest from running.

We walked to Chipotle, and I had my lunch tote in hand ready to eat. I brought a yummy veggie and avocado sammy, grapes, and some Newman Own Organic BBQ Chips.

3 4


Melissa enjoyed a yummy Chipotle salad. I love their salads, but I really enjoyed my dinner from home:)


After such a late night I woke up this morning and made a quick bowl of cereal in order to get things done for the day. I had a little Kashi Heart to Heart+Cheerios+Zoë’s Cinnamon and Risen Granola.

food 067

Kind of boring for a Friday morning, but it hit the spot!

food 065 

Plus a boot of Vitamin C

food 068

and a cup of DD coffee, I am almost out!!!!

food 069

I have a long list of things to get done before 10am!!! I am excited about tonight because we are having friends over for Make Your Own Pizza Night!

To Do

  • make pizza dough
  • dust
  • sweep+mop
  • clean kitchen
  • vacuum
  • AKB class at 8:45am
  • work
  • prep for dinner party
  • enjoy Pizza& Friends!


Question:  When was the last time you had friends over for dinner??

P.S. All TSL participants get your points into me today!! If you haven’t gotten your buddy, I will make sure to email you this afternoon, sorry for the delay:)


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