Hello friends 🙂

It has been so crazy around here, but things are starting to settle down. So here is the latest update on my little bro. He was released from the hospital today, PRAISE GOD. But I am not sure it was the best decision. I wish they would have kept him longer for observation, but they said he could go if he wanted and he has to be off his feet for two weeks. He said yes, and that’s that.

THANK YOU all for your prayers, I know that God does listen and I believe all the love and prayers is what saved his life. I am glad that he is home, but if you think about it please pray for a FULL recovery. He has a lot of healing to still take place.

I am glad to be home as well, I feel like we have lived at the hospital all week and I can’t wait to crawl into my comfy bed. I also can’t wait to eat REAL food!!!

Normal blogging to continue in the morning.

Thank you God for sparing my brother’s life!