Thank you all soooooo much for the thoughts and prayers!!! I love you guys.

So today has been emotionally exhausting and all I can say is praise GOD my brother is still alive. I got a call from my Dad at work this morning letting my know my little (oldest) brother Chris was in the ICU and was told he had a 50/50 chance he would make it. I was in shock! I busted out in tears and Hubby quickly came and got me and took me straight to the hospital. My brother was being STUPID with his friends last night and fell really hard and landed on his head. Immediately the doctors feared brain damage and death.

I got to the hospital even frightened to see what he might look like, but I knew I just had to see him. I walked in the room and there I saw my little brother all banged up and swollen. Of course the big sister in my wanted to YELL at him and tell him what an idiot he was, but all I needed to do was love on him. I was so glad he was able to talk, even though he was all drugged up. I told him I loved him and that I wanted his butt out of there, so he better pull through!!!

We spent the whole day at the hospital (minus a trip for food) and are still waiting to hear if the swelling and blood clot in his brain will go away. He is not 100% out of danger, so please keep up the prayers. He is a lot tougher then I am and I know he will be ok…well at least I am praying for it. Just typing this breaks my heart. Seeing a loved one in critical condition is never easy…but God is faithful.