A Little Bit of Everything

Man am I glad tomorrow is Friday this has been a very interesting week and I am ready to be DONE and DONE!

Tonight when I got home I did a little bit of every kind of workout, because I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do. So I threw on my boxing gloves and did it all! I look so tough..NOT!!!!


Worked the bag for 15 minutes HARD and then came inside DANCED to my Pandora DANCE MIX!!!  Then did some Jillian Shred.


Tonight’s dinner was super easy and very tasty! I love these single serving fish bags that they sale at the Market, best part is they are only $1!!!!


To make it well balanced I had some brown sticky rice, brussels sprouts, and chunky chickpeas! 


Time to go to Thursday night group!

Question: What is your favorite workout to do at home??

oooo and I almost forgot check out this link I found on……

Eating Healthy on a Budget!!!


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