A Very “Bloggie” Christmas

Hi Everyone!


My name is Clare and I blog over at Fitting It All In. I’ve only been blogging for a few months and so was super excited that Bobbi asked me to do a guest post! I’m getting very excited about Christmas (I’m one of those people that can do Christmas music and decorations year round), but I need your help. Help key

I want to make a list of the best gifts a healthy living blogger could ever receive. I think I’m doing this because I seem to have already purchased any clothing or accessory items that I would have put on my Christmas list (I do NOT have a shopping problem…) and now I need to figure out what to ask for!

So here’s the deal. All you other bloggers (and non-bloggers!) out there must have some favorite gadgets that make your blogging life easier or more fun. You have to have some to-die-for foods that everyone should get to try. Is there some exercise accessory that totally changed the way you work out? And what about your favorite dishes and cooking tools?

Tell me all your favorite things so we can make a complete list of the items every blogger would LOVE to receive. The types of things we dream about having but would never purchase ourselves. You know, the gifts that make you think “this is PERFECT…how did they know??”

Here’s a start:

Gadgets & Gizmos:

a DSLR camera that makes your food photos even more beautiful

A netbook for easy blog updates, especially when travelling

An SD card reader like Allie recommends? 

  1. DSLR















Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can get Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea in STL?


Is Kath’s Nuttzo worth adding to the list? What about her Garlic Gold?

Should I be asking for a sampler pack of Angela’s Glo Bars?


Is there a bakery that I just must have something from?

What about a gift card to a restaurant I MUST try?

Dishware and Cooking:

How about the stainless straws that Tina uses or the Dharma glass straws from Gina’s shop?

Is it possible to ask for the entire housewares department of Anthropologie?

Where do you get your most adorable aprons?


Do I really need an immersion blender, rice cooker, or Vitamix?

I just love the teensy spoons from Crate n Barrel! (I have a fixation with small utensils:) )


What dishes show of your meals the best?


Will a yogitoes mat change my Bikram life forever?


Are Lululemon clothes worth the money?

Every runner NEEDS a Garmin (and needs to know when not to use it!)

A Road ID bracelet is probably a good idea for dark, early morning runs

What is the freaking deal with Vibrams and will they destroy my overpronating feet?



Tuition to a health and nutrition course, like the AFPA?

Entry costs to the best bloggie conferences (still jealous about Foodbuzz, clearly…)

I’ve already gotten some great input and ideas on my original post, so please head over and help me out.

What just HAS to be on my Christmas list??

Let’s see if we can put together every Blogger’s

Dream Christmas list!


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