I am so glad you all liked the new home gym! I definitely work out from home more then I do at the gym so it made no sense at all to keep my membership. I am hoping to build my home over time so that I can truly utilize it.

Last night I woke up at 2am and couldn’t go back to sleep, not fun at all! I laid in bed for 4 hours and then just got up and went for a run. I can’t believe I actually run on barely any sleep, but I feel good now and I am hoping I don’t crash at my desk :) 

It has been pretty chilly in the mornings here (40 degrees). So I layered up!


I don’t do well in the cold I am 100% a Cali girl through and through! Mr. Rick and I did 3 miles, he has a bit of an injury he is nursing so we took it easy. When I got home I had to make a quick breakfast. Thank goodness for frozen Whole Wheat Waffles from TJ’s!

Picture 046

I got to use the Pure Maple Syrup Hubby got me for Christmas.

Picture 048

I also added some Barney Butter and Nanner, I love making into a sammie!

Picture 047

Mini Goal for today, DONT FALL ASLEEP AT WORK!!!!

Gotta Run!!!!! See you all at lunch!