my new home gym + date night

In order to save a little money this year I quit the gym (well I have one more month) so organized a little space in the house to create my very own! I would love to have this in the garage, but right now it’s too cold.

Picture 031

I have a few of my favorite workout books and magazines. Plus a candle for Yoga Practice. 

Picture 037

My workout DVD collection and a Yoga book my Daddy gave me. 

Picture 033

Weights..I have 3, 5, 8, and 10 pounders.

Picture 034

An 8 pound medicine ball + jumping rope + bands. 

Picture 035

My exercise ball that serves as a chair as well. 

Picture 038 

The DVD was intense but WONDERFUL as expected. There wasn’t as much cardio as I anticipated, it focused more one ABS, ARMS, LEGS, and GLUTS. This will be a great video to do in combination with running and kickboxing! I loved it because I got a full body workout in my own home and for FREE! I still get to go to my kickboxing gym and shoot I get paid to do that!


For Date Night Hubby and I drove around for an hour trying to find a NON-CHAIN restaurant to go to that we had never been to before. We had some great convo in the car but couldn’t find anything, so we settled on a local Thai Restaurant that I have been to a couple of times.

It was almost 8 by this time so we ordered a Tom Kah Kai Soup for an appetizer and dug right in! I almost forgot to take a picture because we were so HUNGRY!

Picture 040

Of course I ordered the Yellow Curry with half chicken and half tofu. The portions were HUGE, I am going to have a great leftover lunch 😉

Picture 042

They also had a choice of Brown Rice, a huge PLUS! 

Picture 043

Hubby had the Sweet and Sour Chicken with the sweet and sour sauce on the side (he just really wanted breaded chicken).

Picture 041

I only had half of my meal because I was saving room for dessert of course. We decided to try Golden Spoon for a change. It’s not self serve but it is low fat and yogurt. 

Picture 045

ANOTHER HUGE PORTION!!!! I ordered the small and she gave me a MOUNTAIN! It is half peanut butter cup + Heath Yogurt with non fat fudge brownie, almonds, peanut butter cups, and toffee!!! WOW a little too much!!! I ate the top portion and saved the rest for later. 

Picture 044

The thing I love about Date night is that Hubby and I can act spontaneously! Sure we do plan dates sometimes, but there is no real agenda and we get to take our time!!! We are such big planners that this helps us to just sit back and enjoy each other without having to look at our phones, watches, clocks, agenda books, computers….

Good Night World!

P.S. I am praying I can get up early for a 4 mile run!!! The cold weather is killing me!