Something Fishy

I believe the theme for the week is SOUP! While running out the door this morning I managed to put together a pretty decent meal thank goodness for my mad Sunday prepping skillz!

Tuna Cucumber Sammy + Spinach and Avocado

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I mixed together a 1/2 c tuna, chopped cucumber, 1 tsp light mayo, 1 tsp Dijon mustard and mixed all together. I plied on top of a whole wheat Arnold’s Thin. Then added some spinach and 1/4 avocado.  I forgot how much I LOVE tuna, well kind of it’s like eggs I can’t have it too many days in a row.

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On the side I enjoyed some of TJ’s Sweet Potato Bisque Soup, this stuff is pretty good I like Butter Nut Squash Soup better. 

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Along with an apple and water to wash it down. I am really trying to get better at drinking more water. My goal is to drink 3 of my CameBak’s a day, more if possible! 

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For my mid morning snack I had some Vanilla Yogurt+ Zoe’s Granola+Blackberries! I didn’t really need it because the eggs kept me full but it just sounded sooo good! 

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I am working on details for the Ragner Relay on my break. If you emailed me expect to hear something by the end of the week :) 

Tonight I have a date with Jillian’s 40 minute trouble Zone DVD and maybe even a date with a hot guy 😉

Still need to hug three people, it’s not as easy as you would THINK!

On the hunt….


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