I just love eggs, well sometimes. If I have too many I can get sick of them real fast. I try and incorporate eggs in to my breakfast at least once a week to mix things up a little. For some reason after an intense workout like last night’s kickboxing class, my body CRAVES eggs. So in order to satisfy that hole in my stomach I made EGG BURRITOS!

Picture 023

I am not a huge Mexican food eater because it is always loaded with fat and grease, but not when I make it!

Picture 028

I topped my whole wheat La Tortilla Factory Tortilla with one egg white + one egg, avocado, goat cheese, spinach, and fresh salsa (a friend made). 

Picture 028

I also had a kiwi on the side. TJ’s had them on sale, a bag for only $2! 

Picture 026


Picture 024

I also used my Coffee Press that I got for Christmas. I love it because A, my big one broke , and B it is the perfect size! I can drink straight from the mug!

Picture 030

Today I decided to set a Tuesday MINI GOAL. My mini goal for today is to get to give three different people a hug. Hubby doesn’t count and either does Bosco. Hugs are amazing and I don’t feel like I give them enough!

Off to find some huggable people!


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