Many thanks & Thai soup

I am so glad you all liked the new blog! I love that so many of you have been on this journey with me and continue to follow. I am still working on a few kinks, like I can’t figure out how to reply in the comments below, but at least it is a lot easier to email all of you!

My Monday at work was super productive, I have a Women’s Solitude Retreat that I am getting ready for that starts next week. Needless to say I have been one busy lady. I did manage to have a wonderful lunch, thanks Veronica who sent me this yummy soup recipe that I made this weekend.

Thai Soup:  Adapted from Spunky Coconut

gluten-free, GFCF, dairy-free

Soak 1 cup of quinoa in a bowl of water for a few minutes. ( I used Wheat Berries )

Strain, rinse again in fresh water, and strain.

(make sure not to skip this step, because quinoa has a bitter coating intended to protect it from birds and the elements where it grows)

Add to slow cooker with:

1 cup coconut milk

1 quart broth

2 small or 1 large chopped onion

3 cups thawed Organic Garden Trio (corn, carrots, green beans)

Note: to make this a grain-free recipe, substitute the corn (I meant to say that earlier)

2 tbsp gluten-free teriyaki sauce (I use Premier Japan,

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tbsp gluten-free tamari sauce

1 inch fresh peeled chopped ginger  (I hate Ginger so I didn’t Add)

1 block of Tofu chopped into cubes

Set to 4 hours, high.

Picture 021

OH MY GOODNESS! This tasted AMAZING and it made enough for the entire week 🙂

Along with my soup I had some Kashi Crackers, leftover SP fries, and an Apple.

Picture 017

I just love soup! My plan is to make a pot of soup every weekend for the month of January to be prepared for the week!

Around 3:30 I had a Cliff Bar to hold me over until my first mini dinner. I teach kickboxing tonight at 7:30 so I am going to have some Toast and AB at 6pm and then a light dinner when I get home. I am hoping the AB Toast holds me over and gives me a TON of energy for class!!!

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