So after almost a year of trying to move over to WordPress I finally did it (if you are in Google Reader head over to the site) !!! Many people have asked why is it that I moved and the two main reasons are, because with WordPress you can simply work out of the box. I just needed to download a nice theme and few useful plug-ins and here it is! Well it hasn’t been so easy, but getting there.

The next best thing about WordPress is the plug-ins (which I am still learning) and themes, and the themes are much nicer.  I also hope I can have more discussion in my comments as well. I love being able to answer all of your questions right away!

I was sad that someone OWNS, but I am still keeping NHerShoes as the name of my blog. Please update your bookmarks, Google Readers, and blog rolls!  I value each of you as readers and I’d love you to keep reading!

My new address is

New things on the blog..

Check out some new stuff: Recipes, Boot Camp, Dinner Parties, About, Twitter Updates….

So what do you all think??


I am still working on updating all the tabs, so check back for more updates. I also really want to be able to comment back easily anyone out there have any advice?!

This weekend has been dedicated to getting my blog up and running! Hubby was a HUGE help, thank you babe!


This year I decided to pick 10 things that I will focus on instead of a long list like last year.

#1. Read through the entire Bible
#2. Take a Mental Health day once a month so that I can BE STILL.
#3. This year is SAVING year for Hubby and I. We really want to start seriously saving for the future and this is our big year to do that. We will not be taking any vacations out of the state, buying any new clothes, house furnishings, or any “extras” we will be truly living out the SIMPLE LIFE challenge.
#4. Become a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant though the American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA).
#5. Date night must happen EVERY week!
#6. Maintain being in the best shape of my life by Running, practicing Hot Yoga and Kickboxing!
#7. Cook at least 4 nights a week.
#8. Read one book every other month.
#9. Spend more time with my Grandparents.


Well it looks like I am already starting this GOAL out by getting a NEW LAYOUT!

I really want to focus on well balanced living with more workouts, healthy recipes and tips on juggling it all! I want to continue what I have already started, but build on it and make NHS full of helpful content that can benefit my readers. So far at NHS I have been blogging my daily eats, giving you all running and general workout tips, writing reviews, and bringing you with me on this wonderful busy journey that I like to call life! This past year I have learned so much about what blogging is all about and have made some real friends that have helped me through life. I have had to step back from commenting as much, because I was beginning to become a bit overwhelmed, but I am still reading and promise to start commenting more !

This year I hope my blog can help more people become healthier and happier!

So friends how are your NY’s GOALS going? Have you broken any yet?

This month is going to be fun here at NHS I am going to do a great kick off to the new year by sharing different tips each week that will hopefully make life a little easier!

Time to crawl in to bed and read some of my new book. Ciao!

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