As Promised: Naturally Nutty Give-Away!


A couple of weeks ago I received a nice package in the mail from Katie at Naturally Nutty. Thanks Katie!!! I got 4 wonderful flavors:


Read her story, it rocks!


I live in Traverse City, Michigan as a vegetarian Mom with three kids. As a peanut butter lover myself, I began searching for the ultimate peanut butter. It had to be a peanut butter that  tasted amazing and, at the same time, was packed with natural and organic ingredients. I love hemp seed and flax seed because their benefits are endless (see below) but I couldn’t find any peanut butter that used them. While there are some good peanut butters out there, nothing seemed perfect. I was looking for a healthy alternative to the major brands without comprising taste and texture and without the thick layer of oil on top. So since I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I created my own with the help of friends and family. (read more)

How cool is that, she couldn’t find what she wanted so she went out there and made her own, man what a women!


Ok so not only does it have amazing health benefits, but it tastes wonderful too!!! So far I have tried both the Butter Toffee Peanut Butter and Vanilla Almond Butter and love them to death. I love that it’s not too sweet and the texture is just right! Check out the health benefits:

Reported Health Benefits and Information
Organic Flax Seed (Omegas 3, 6) Benefits include:
– Increases metabolic rate and helps with weight loss 
– Reduces body fat 
– Increases energy and vitality, enhances performance 
– Reduces muscle soreness
– Brain food – Omega 3 fatty acids contribute to treatment of depression 
– Increases sense of calmness under stress 
– Relieves menopause and PMS symptoms 
– Protects against hormone sensitive cancers of breast and prostate 
– Studies show lowers blood cholesterol levels 
– Helps lower high blood pressure 
– Eases inflammatory tissue conditions, including arthritis 
– Alleviates dry skin, eczema and psoriasis 
– Enhances immune system 

Organic Hemp Seed – (Omegas 3, 6, 9)
– Packed with 33 percent pure digestible protein
– Rich in iron 
– Rich in Vitamin E
– Rich in amino acids including gamma linoleic acid (GLA), a very rare nutrient also found in mother’s milk.
– Contains Super Omega-6
– Contains Super Omega-3
Organic Palm Fruit Oil
– Palm fruit oil is trans fat free
– Palm fruit oil is rich in antioxidants.
– Palm fruit oil increases ‘good’ HDL, compared to other saturated oils, such as coconut oil, to promote cardiovascular health.

Naturally Nutty can be purchased online here.  One jar is $6.75.

Giveaway Details!!!!!

Well now it’s your turn to try it for free Naturally Nutty is letting me giveaway 2 jars to 3 lucky winners!!! That’s right 3 lucky winners!!!!! I wanted to make this contest fun, but painless of course who wants to work for something that’s free right????? Well here is how you can enter leave me a comment letting me know two things, first what kind of flavor would you want a nut butter to be and second tell me something you have learned from reading NHerShoes?

Contest ends February 10th at midnight my time:) GOOD LUCK!!


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