Asics Addiction

Happy Friday 🙂 !!

It’s been a great week and now it is time to celebrate, let’s do the Happy dance

Sorry for being MIA last night it was quite an adventurous evening. After work I called a local sports shop to see if they had any Asics 2140’s, because I am about done with my 1140’s (blisters galore). I should have known better then to compromise on my running shoes with price. Well anyways they said they have the 2140’s and they were on SALE, I was so happy because no one carries them anyway. Sadly when I showed up I found at that she has the Asics 1140’s not 2140’s!!!!! ARRRRR this made me pretty upset because I drove 30 minutes out of my way for the WRONG shoes…breathe…breathe… I calmed down and went to my trusted running center and just bought a pair of Asics 2150’s and hurried off to Thursday night group (without dinner) .

3 Generations of Asics..I have an addiction


The 1140’s, got blisters on my index toe, ball of my foot, and pinky!


My favorite 2140’s that they no longer make 🙁


My new 2150’s


They won’t stay white for long!


Love the support that Asics provide. See that Grey part on the bottom, that helps my feet from over pronating. I am crossing my fingers these get me through 3 more weeks of training for SDRR.


I also picked up a new pair of socks. I heard these are the most comfortable running socks. We shall see, full review to come.



So good news is I have new and better running shoes! I couldn’t wait to wear them this morning on my run. They felt great! We did a lovely 6 miles 🙂 I forgot my Garmin so I used the handy dandy app on my iPhone, love this application!


You can even tweet your stats! Wasn’t super fast, but it was so STRESS relieving!


I had coffee with the gang after our run and then got my Starbucks Friday Egg Sammie!


I have a fun summer recipe to share with you all this afternoon so stay tuned!!!


Also this Monday I will be doing my first ever Blogger Bake Sale for St. Jude Hero’s. I can’t wait, there are so many wonderful things to choose from, you are all going to be drooling!!!

See you soon!

(lot’s of excitement (!!!!) )


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