Back To Real Life

I made it through the crazy weekend!!! If you missed it check it out here and here.

I must have been exhausted from all the parties, because I slept through my alarm clock this morning!!! I had about 15 minutes to get ready and out the door! Not the best way to start a Monday, but I do feel well rested:)

After all the fattening yummy food from last night I am EATING CLEAN all week to get my poor little body on track again. I wish I was one of those people who could eat whatever and not feel the effects on my tummy!!


I ate a bowl of instant oats at my desk this morning with nanner, AB, and peanuts.

photo (39)

Not as good as Stove Top OATS!!!


I grabbed one of Hubby’s bars on accident this morning. I forgot how much I love these!!! Not the best “natural” snack, but sure did hit the spot.

photo (40)


Bowl of leftover veggie chili with FAGE, corn chips, and some fresh veggies.

photo (41)

Ok friends so this week at the end of each post I will be answering all your fun questions from “Ask Me Anything”, well most of them anyways. I received over 100 questions and a lot of them were duplicates.

Q: What is up with pushing the Jesus crap on people? Is this a fitness blog or a Jesus blog?

Yes this blog is about fitness, but it’s about all things in my life which includes my faith. I do not believe I push my faith on anyone I just write about my relationship with Christ, because it is a big part of who I am.

Q:How are you able to go to parties or hang with friends and not drink or have bad food (I always feel pressured)?
A: Well for me food is never “bad”, we just can make bad choices sometimes by over indulging and getting a little over our heads with our alcohol intake. I do enjoy the occasional glass of wine and chocolate covered pretzels, but it’s all about moderation. When I go to a party I make sure to have a little bit of everything otherwise I will feel deprived and then go crazy! As far as drinks my max is two glasses (beer or wine) and then I switch to sparkling water with lime 🙂

Q:How do you find time to make 3 healthy meals a day with such a busy schedule?

It’s really not hard once you get into the swing of it. It’s all about PLANNING and PREP WORK! I Try and sit down every Sunday and write out all my meals for the week and yes things might change, but I am more likely to open my fridge and make something healthy if it’s full of healthy choices!  I wake up a little extra early for breakfast and always have lots of leftovers for lunch! Keeping your fridge stocked with healthy choices is the key.

Q:Speaking of babies… when are you and your husband going to have one? 🙂 How many?

A:This was one of my most asked questions 😉 Well I’ll be honest with all the BFF’s prego it has got me thinking, but when Hubby and I got married we agreed on a 5 year plan and we are approaching year 3. If we got pregnant now I would be ecstatic, but there will be plenty of time for that. As far as how many, Hubby and I agree on one thing and that is, it has to be even numbers! Now does that mean 2 or 4??? Only time will tell 🙂

More to come!!!

Off to teach KB then bed.

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Meghann!!!