Morning Morning 🙂 !

I left early(7am) for work today, because Hubby coaches his last home basket ball game today at 3:30! I am so proud of him!!!  He has taken these girls a long way and I am super excited to see them finish their season strong 🙂


I had breakfast at my desk again. Instant Apple Cinnamon Oats with 1/2 banana mixed in. This was much better then yesterday. I cooked it for less time in the microwave and it made a huge difference.

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Topped with peanuts, AB, and Honey Greek Yogurt.

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I also made a pit stop at 7 Eleven for a cup of much needed coffee!!!

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Ok no time to answer any more questions this morning, but I will be answering more at lunch! Stay tuned…..

Check out the view from my desk!

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