Happy Monday Morning Peeps :).

I first want to say THANK YOU for all the wonderful and encouraging comments about my BIG NEWS. While I was on my 4 mile run this morning my mind was full of cross-country high school memories. Secret sisters, hill repeats, camp, crushes, speed workouts…man I am still in shock that I am going to be a coach!

When I got home I made the best Muesli yet!

monday 134

Last night I mixed 1/3 cup oats with 1/3 cup soy milk,cinnamon, brown sugar, flax seed and a splash of water and let it sit in the fridge overnight. Then this morning I added strawberries, blueberries, 1/2 banana, chopped pecans, Agave Nectar, and granola. I topped with a 1/4 cup Greek yogurt.

monday 133

All mixed together…yum yum…

monday 135

I only have three days of work this week, and then it’s off to Colorado to run!! Have a Happy Monday Everyone!!

I leave you with these before and after pics and of my brother Jeremiah and I!! We have both changed a bit ;).








Dodgers-Camping2008 075


ipod pictures 2 165

Gotta love the bro!


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