What a super productive Sunday!!

This morning Hubby and I taught Sunday School for the 1-6 graders. We had a lot of fun running and jumping all over the place, boy did they all have a lot of energy :).

After Church I wrote down a must do list to get as much done today as possible, and all of it is almost crossed off!!

  • Clean Kitchen
  • Dust and Mop Entire House
  • Clean up old office
  • Pack for Colorado
  • Make Dinner
  • Blog
  • Send out WWR Team one last email
  • Research for a new exciting job!! (No I am not quitting Forest Home, just doing something super exciting on the side)

What the sink used to look like, not anymore :).

monday 106

Love having clean floors!! 

monday 107

My packing today was a little difficult, because I have no idea what to expect as far as the weather in Colorado. I just went ahead and over packed :).

monday 112

monday 111

When I pack I always lay out all my outfits, that way I can see what exactly I have, and if it is really necessary or not.

For this trip I brought 2 skirts, capri’s, pants, 2 tank tops, short sleeve shirts, one long sleeve shirt, a running jacket, and a bucket load of socks and sports bras.

I have three legs to run, and I do not want to sit in the van and let everyone suffer from my stinky butt :).

This is a pretty casual trip so I just brought one pair of jeans and two t-shirts.PJ’s too of course.

monday 113

I will probably bring more socks, I hate sweaty socks!

monday 114

It all fit perfectly in my Endurance Running Bag (I love this bag, and no this is not an endorsement it was a gift from my Mom). 

monday 120

I had dinner cooking all day in the crock pot. 

monday 123monday 122

Thanks to the Taste Master Program from Foodbuzz I got to flavor my chicken with Emril’s All Natural Rub, and also flavor my veggies and sweet potatoes with his Original Recipe. 

 monday 119

I had planned all week to make BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches. When you bake the chicken in a crock pot the chicken is super easy to pull apart.

monday 124

I mixed half of my breast of chicken with 2 tbsp of Country Bob’s BBQ Sauce.

monday 126

I baked zucchinis and yellow squash in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, these are straight from our garden :). 

monday 115

I tossed one sweet potato with EVOO and Emeril’s Original Recipe Seasoning, “BAM!”.

monday 116

I topped one Arnold’s Thin with the shredded chicken and added a little goat cheese. 

monday 128

The veggies tasted so delicious! 

monday 129

Wow the Emeril’s seasoning really added a pop to these SP Fries. WOW!

monday 130

All together now. 

monday 131

I also had my last TJ’s Sparkling Lime Mineral Water I bought for the beach.  These are the best sparkling waters I have ever had, I think I am addicted! Bosco was trying to steal the show :).

monday 132

Ok Ok Ok, I will tell you all what the great exciting news is!! NO I AM NOT PREGO!!

A while back I had been trying to seek out a Cross-Country Coach position and I hadn’t heard anything all summer so I kind of gave up. Well Friday the Principal at a local High School called me and not only did she ask me if I would be the Cross-Country Coach but she also asked if I would like to be the Athletic Director for their school!! The best part is, is that it’s only 10 hours a week and I can work from home. I get to make the cross-county schedule so we can run whenever I want :). I ran cross-counrty for four years in High School and loved it, this is seriously my DREAM JOB!!!

School starts in 3 weeks and the students haven’t run at all yet!!! Are their any cross-country coaches out there that might be willing to send me their running schedule and any other tips?!!!

I am super excited, but I have a lot of work to do, the extra money is the biggest blessing EVER. Well I need to get on researching about being an Athletic Director 🙂

Have a great evening, and please if you have any advice send it my way!!!


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