Today has been crazy busy and so much fun! My mid morning snack was another Nature’s Path Organic MMMAPLE Pecan Flax Bar! This was sooooo good, by far my favorite. I loved the Maple taste to it.

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For lunch we all went to a local “Southern” type restaurant to celebrate Hubby’s Birthday.

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Hubby was excited about his burger and fry fix for the week.

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I ordered light today, because I wanted to save room for dinner 🙂 I had the most delicious veggie burger with a whole wheat bun.

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Plus a side of peaches

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The restraunt brought out the biggest slice of chocolate cake!

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The gang

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After lunch we headed back to Hubby’s office and had some of my homemade cupcakes, everyone loved them! I didn’t have one, I lived vicariously through everyone else.

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Time to finish the day at work and then off for more fun!


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