So today at work the chef blessed me with some of his amazing grilled cheese sandwich, salad and tomato soup 🙂

YUMMY!!!! I think this is something I need to eat more often, compliments to the chef 🙂

100 Days Of Real Food “Experiment” Budget + Grocery List

Thank you all sooooo much for all the votes on the amount we should spend every week on groceries. I even got some very  informative emails!

First things first we are going to try and stick with $75 a week grocery budget.  This is a little more then we spend as of now, but because our eating out budget will be lower it gave us a little flexibility at the market. I hope to spend less then that if possible, but it’s a lot less stressful this way. I also plan on trying to busy some of our produce through a Farmers Market, we have two locally and they are open on Thursday nights and Sunday Mornings. I like having the options. But the first week might be tough.

So how do I plan on sticking to our budget. MEAL PLANNING! You all know how much I LOVE planning. I have something thing I forgot to mention, just because we are eating REAL food, doesn’t mean that we will be eating the same thing over and over again. I plan to try new recipes and have as much fun in the kitchen as I always do.

So far I have compiled an excel spreadsheet for week 1 of the challenge. Sadly Hubby doesn’t EAT breakfast so the breakfast items are only for me.


Some of this will be just for the first week and then will last me at least a month.


We also are making our own bread and tortillas…OH FUN!!!! Oh and for dessert I plan on making homemade banana ice-cream and dried fruit.

As I read through “In Defense of Food” I am getting so excited to get rid of preservatives!!

Here is who I have joining me on this journey:


If you are in and your name is not on the list, please email me!!! Also I would love to send you all the link to the excel spreadsheet so you can update your biggest fear about the challenge as well as your thoughts along the way 🙂 If your name is not in the excel spreadsheet you will not be entered in to any of the fun give-aways!!

Ok now on to kick some butt at kickboxing and kettle bells!!!


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