Good Morning Happy Friday Thursday!!!

I am off Friday and Saturday this week so I am celebrating 🙂

I am glad that you all enjoyed the Grocery List and Budget post from yesterday( . I am getting nervous and excited about the the RFC! I know that it is going to be great for us health and budget wise, it’s just going to be difficult at times. 


I want to share about why we are doing this challenge. Yes, I do it 80-90% of the time “Clean and Real” Food, but a lot of the time I don’t. Even if it’s things that claim to be good for us, the ingredients are things that never should even be in food. If I can’t pronounce it, then I don’t want to be eating it. Now, I understand that people don’t want to label food as “good” or “bad” and either do I. But I think it is fare to say that there is stuff out there that is “real” and “fake”. I want the real deal. Is there science that backs this up? Sure there is. Do I know all about it, no, but I am learning!

Is this for everyone? That is is up to you. I am pretty sure that kicking the refined sugar out of our diet will make a huge difference in a lot of aspects of our life.

I am coming up with some fun ideas to remind of us of why we are doing this, to keep us motivated and on track. I will be sharing this tonight.


Are you doing the RFC? I have added a icon the the right side bar on my blog and if you would like the code so you can add it to your blog, here it is 🙂

<img src=””>




YUMMY OATS!!!! With Love Crunch, Bananas, PB, and Chia seeds 🙂

Look what I found in my home library!!!! I almost forgot I had it 🙂


Today’s Love Dare

“Remove anything that is hindering your relationship, any addiction or influence that’s stealing your affections and turning your heart away from your spouse.”

Love this quote by my friend Rachel

“Time to embrace today and look back at all of the INSANITY and belly-roll laugh at it. It feels good.”

Question: When was the last time you belly-roll laughed?????


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