Busy Busy Weekend!


I am already kind of exhausted just thinking about what the weekend has in store for us. Tonight we will be headed to the Mulders(BFF Ginger, sense the 6th grade) for dinner! Saturday morning I have a longer run with fast Jill schedules and the brunch with Skinny Bride. Then Saturday evening we are having my sweet cousin Celina over for dinner to celebrate her 30th birthday!!! On Sunday, we are headed over to my Aunts house for a Mother’s Day Potluck, and then on Sunday night….well we have no plans, and I plan on keeping it that way:)

With that all said I got a lot of cooking to do! For Brunch, I plan on making these pancakes and having some fresh fruit. Dinner for the Birthday girl is going to be a wonderful pot pie recipe with homemade bread and a great big salad! The Mother’s day Potluck I am having a hard time with, I was think deviled eggs,a salad, or a casserole? I would love a healthy casserole recipe, do you have any ideas?

Last night I had such a wonderful time with our Thursday Night Group! I haven’t seen them in 3 weeks so I had a lot of catching up to do. We started a new series called, “40 Days of Love” by Rick Warren. Last night we learned all about how to handle confrontation with tact+timing+truth. It was great! I am excited to see what comes out of this study.

I had to ride my bike to group right after work so I made myself a new Cedarlane burrito to hold me over until my evening snack:)



I dug right in to this deliciousness! I am not the biggest fan of frozen meals but this burrito was pretty darn good, I just wish they weren’t so expensive! I plan on recreating this burrito at home. It only had about 210 calories, so I new I would need something more later on.


On the way home I busted out my Think Thin Bar that I got to review. I was greatly disappointed. I had been saving this for a while and had built up the white chocolate chip expectation. It tasted nothing like white chocolate chip, more like a chalky protein bar, I am not a big fan of the chalkiness. It has 20 grams of protein, 0 sugar, and gluten free.


When I got home there was a HUGE package on our front door steps, I couldn’t wait to open it! Hubby and I tore right into it! It was a wonderful box of goodies from Newman’s Own Organics for the Simple Life Challenge winner’s goodie bags, and for me to do some reviewing:) Thank you Sally!

food 109

Hubby was so excited he dug right into the Milk Chocolate, we will give a full review in weeks to come.

food 106food 107

I wanted to answer a 2 FAQ’s about my morning routine, first one being about the time my school starts. I work at a Montessori school, and we start at 8:30 am but, because I run the afterschool program I work until 6pm so I don’t have to be at work until 10am! It is a blessing, but that means I don’t get home until after 7 some days. There are two other teachers in the classroom that are there at 8:30am. Hope that makes sense?

Second question was. “what time do you get to bed?”Well it depends, but I really try hard to be in bed no later then 11pm, and most of the time it happens to be around 10:30pm.

I am excited about work today because we have a field trip planned, and we are taking a tour of our city! I am excited, I love learning about the Heritage of the places I live in.

Question for the day:

Have you ever takin a tour of the city you live in?


P.S. If you are a TSL participant, get your points into me today:) I will be posting some more wonderful simple/green ideas for everyone tomorrow!


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