I Feel So Edjamacated!

Today our class took a tour of the little city we live in, Redlands CA. The tour guide was much informative and showed us so many hidden jewels in this little town of 60,000(not super small). I have lived here almost my entire life and didn’t know half of the things that she told us!

We saw some beautiful Victorian houses that were built in the late 1800’s.


A beautiful B&B that I didn’t even know we had!!!!

We also have the only Lincoln Memorial west of the Mississippi. We sure have some old money in our city, besides the shrine the Bowl,Mission,Library, and Post office were all donated to the city!!!

photo3 photo4

I had the perfect field trip lunch: Sandwich, one of the best I have ever made! It consisted of 2 Spelt Pieces of Bread,1 light Laughing Cow Cheese,4 cucumber slices, 2 large slices of tomato, and 1/2 smashed avocado! On the side I enjoyed a Gala apple, yogurt and granola.


I also had some Newman’s Own Organic BBQ Soy Crisps! These were pretty good, for those of you who like POP Chips I think you would love these, I am a big fan of baked chips, and I love me some BBQ!


Our last stop was one of the most beautiful Mansions I have ever been to, this was my first time being able to go inside, it is called Kimberly Crest. One of my good friends got married here about 3 years ago.


At the end of the tour, the tour guide was so kind and baked us Gingerbread cookies!! Well you know I just had to have them, even though I am not a big fan of ginger they looked too good. I was right so worth it!


Some facts I learned about Redlands:

  1. We had the very first street lights over everyone in the entire world!
  2. In the early 1900’s we had the most millionaires per capita!
  3. Redlands was founded in 1888
  4. We have two Patron Saints, The Smiley Brothers
  5. We have a lot of citrus groves, and that’s how we made our money.
  6. We had 3 presidents come and speak in our city(not sure who they were, except McKinley).
  7. We have a B&B!

I have 4 more hours of work and then I am off to the Molders’ for dinner!! I usually look forward to our pizza night’s on Friday but not having to cook tonight sounds perfect too!!!

What’s your vision for the perfect Friday night??


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