BW Oats How To Video

WOW friends I can not believe all the QUESTIONS that are coming in from my, “Ask me anything” yesterday. I got some negative and positive questions and I intend to answer all of them next week so keeping them coming, click here.

This morning I woke up bright and early , even earlier then yesterday..CHALLENGE is going well so far 🙂 Ok it’s only day two, but I’ll take it!

For breakfast I made an Egg Burrito with Avocado, Tomato, & Lettuce.


All Rolled UP


I also made a little Mocktail with some OJ and Berry Club Soda.

IMG_6509 IMG_6508


I was asked last week from my friend/reader Amy, how I make my Oatmeal. So I thought to myself, time for another Vlog 🙂

So friends here you go!

Are there any other Vlogs you guys would like me to do???

P.S. Check out my memory verse of the week——————————————————>


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