Have I ever told you all how much I loved college? I know a lot of people have some amazing college memories, but I think mine are some of the best!

I went to a small school in Memphis Tennessee called Crichton, (recently changed it’s name to Victory University). We had about 10-15 students per class and if you were absent, your teacher would CALL you. Talk about accountability. The whole school only had about 300 day students and 1,000 night students. So us day students all knew each other!!

I was involved in Student Government, Soccer, an R.A., and I am sure I am missing something else. I also got to travel to Italy my senior year and I just can’t wait to go back!

In 2011 it will be 5 years since I graduated college and it only brings back GREAT memories. I just leave out all the heart breaks 😉

Italy 2005


My BFF Brandon 611


The girlies 🙂


The dances


Girls Night Out


When we were in Memphis this past week I was able to meet up with so many college friends 🙂


It was so great sharing stories of our good old college days!


Ok enough reminiscing…


I made yet another GM for breakfast! I am starting to feel like myself again. 


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Question: Did you go to college? If so was it a good or bad experience for you?


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