The Theme is Simplify

Hey friends, can you believe that 2010 is almost over?!! Well pretty soon 2011 will be here. I am hanging with some co-workers tonight. Nothing too crazy, I have work tomorrow morning 🙁

The past 24 hours…

Our last date night of 2010.!!! Hub’s and I left work yesterday and headed off to a new restaurant in town. First we played in the snow.


Well, Hubby played!


Dhat Island Cuisine is a Caribbean and Creole style Restaurant. We got a Groupon for $9 that gave us $20 to spend 🙂


We started with some of their Islands Creole Pate, Puffed Pastry stuffed with beefs and veggies. Good, but sooooo deep fried! It was a treat to say the least 🙂


I ordered the Loaded Baked Potato: Veggies, Creole Chicken, Veggies, Black Beans, and Rice. It was so huge!!! I ate about 1/4 and took the rest home. I really liked all the seasonings. It was spicy, but good spicy. I felt like I was on vacation in the Caribbean. I would so go back to this place!



I thought I would revisit my goals of 2010 before I set out my goals for 2011. I don’t believe in new years resolutions, but I do set goals. It’s always good to have goals in mind, but I am not open to change. I know that my life is really not in my own hands ;) 


#1. Read through the entire Bible- Still going through it.
#2. Take a Mental Health day once a month so that I can BE STILL. –I really worked hard on this 🙂
#3. This year is SAVING year for Hubby and I. We really want to start seriously saving for the future and this is our big year to do that. We will not be taking any vacations out of the state, buying any new clothes, house furnishings, or any “extras” we will be truly living out the SIMPLE LIFE challenge.Ok we kind of FAILED at this one at the beginning of the year, but now with the envelope system things are looking up!
#4. Become a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant though the American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA).-NEED TO DO THIS!!!!
#5. Date night must happen EVERY week! – Met our goal!
#6. Maintain being in the best shape of my life by Running, practicing Hot Yoga and Kickboxing!Yep kept it up!
#7. Cook at least 4 nights a week.-For the most part this goal was met.
#8. Read one book every other month.- FAILED!
#9. Spend more time with my Grandparents.- Need to keep working on.

and #10 IMPROVE THE BLOG!-Always a work in progress.

GOALS for 2011

This year I am only setting 5 goals and I am going to strive to complete them all!!!! I think the theme of 2011 for me is SIMPLIFY!

#1. Finish reading through the entire Bible in 2011.
#2. SAVE SAVE SAVE. Keep up the envelope system and work hard and de-cluttering.
#3. Read more. Maybe not a book a month, but much much more!!!
#4. Learn how to play the guitar (again).
#5. Have more fun with the BLOG. Of course I would love to increase blog traffic, but more importantly I want to inspire more people to live happy and healthier lives!!!!

Stay tuned for my favorite adventures of 2010!!!!

Question: Do you set goals? How did it go for 2010?


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