Confession Corner Part II:

Did you miss Part I? 

(I am still having problems adding links into my post through Windows Live Writer).

Confession #1: I kind of want to see the Just Bieber Movie.

Confession #2: I can not get dressed right out of the shower, I have to be completely dry.

Confession #3: I hate putting on lotion! It’s a texture thing.

Confession #4: Because my Mom is a make up artist I have never bought a piece of makeup in my life.

Confession #5: I want to move to Italy and eat olive oil, bread, and wine everyday.

Confession #6: I never order pancakes from a restaurant.Need to do this! 

Confession #7: I have a HUGE CRUSH on Kurt Warner.

Confession #8: I kind of wish we lived in the South so we didn’t have to pay California prices…kinda 😉

Confession #9: I want to own a cafe one day.

Confession #10: I am addicted to carbs.


Quick dinner before Kettlebells and Kickboxing!!!!