Confession Corner Part III

1. I cried last night because I was overwhelmed with JOY to have so many amazing friends and family in my life that spoiled me with love this week.

2. I am need of a tropical vacation.

3. I want to go into hibernation this week to catch up on sleep/

4. I am craving a grilled cheese on sourdough bread!

5. I think I could live without sugar..ok maybe not.

6. I almost signed up for an Ironman race yesterday.

7. I am WAY behind in my PFT training and need to get on the ball!!!

8. My bedroom looks like it got hit by a tornado and smells like SLEEP (this is possible).

9. I failed at lent..but I still love Jesus. He was much better at this whole sacrificing thing.

10. I am a little obsessed with the Instagram application on my iPhone…walk away Bobbi..walk away!


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