Roasted Red Peppers


I can’t believe I have never roasted red peppers! Really couldn’t be easier, and as usual, cheaper than buying them. Just slice your red bell pepper into four pieces (this also works with yellow, orange, green…you get the idea.) and slap ‘em on a cookie sheet under the broiler, skin side up, for 5-10 minutes until the skin starts to get all black and blistery.

You’ll start with this:




And end up somewhere around here…

IMG_8160 Let those cool for a minute until they’re not too hot to handle and just peel the skins off – they should slide off relatively easily.


Ta-da! You’ve got some amazing roasted red pepper. Yes, it’s really that easy, although everyone, but probably already knew that 😉

You can of course take it a step farther and slice them into strips or whatever shape tickles your fancy. These tasted perfect in yesterdays salad!



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