How funny is this? So today I asked you all what your favorite TV show is and tonight’s speaker was speaking on the theme for the summer which is called “ME TV”, how ironic! Let me explain where I will be every evening this week. I think most of you know that I work at a Christian Camp Center that hosts 1,000’s of families and youth every summer and throughout the whole year. Well our biggest season is SUMMER!

This week the programs for every camp site ie: highschool, junior high, family, and so on are practicing there evening talks and all staff are invited to attend. Tonight’s program was High School camp. I loved what the speaker spoke on. He really hit it on the head with how our life is a story and the way we live it out is the story we are really telling. Love thinking of my life as a story, it’s  more fun that way 😉



For dinner I made a huge salad and had a little chicken casserole, beans, and rice. It’s hard to eat healthy at camp, but I am trying.


I also snagged a little churro (so not on the plan right now).


I guess you would say my Tuesday Tip would be, make life your story!!

Oh ya and we had a dance party after 🙂 Love my job!!!


Nite friends, I got a date with my Yoga mat in the morning 😉