This morning I had to wake up extra early for Jury Duty. Can you believe this is the first time I have ever been called?! Actually most of my co- workers got a letter too. Have you ever served on a Jury before? I am actually excited because I was on Mock-trial in highschool and love Law and Order…ok not the same thing but still interesting:)

I did manage to make a yummy breakfast! Egg Sammie:)

I was craving eggs this morning probbably because of my intense kickboxing class last night and lack of protein!

I am really struggling at finding a balance at what to eat when I teach at 7:30pm. When I get home I am ready for dinner, but don’t want to eat too much before I workout. Then when I get home It’s 9pm and I am too tired to make anything. Any advice?

Last night Hubby and I talked a lot about the future and our goals for 2010. It got me super excited. Can’t wait to share! Today as I sit here waiting and waiting, I will be doing a lot of writing for the bloggy!

FYI-I am blogging from the iPhone today!

Three days left FINISH STRONG!!

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