Monday Monday Monday

The day is moving right along. I didn’t have as many emails or phone messages as anticipated! I am not a huge fan of being at a desk all day but it does have it’s advantages. Like I get to make my lunch in my office and catch up on my personal stuff on my lunch hour.

For lunch today I made a bowl of Healthy Harvest Split Pea Soup…

blog 234

and a GREEN Salad with avocado, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

blog 232


blog 233

I decided to bring a placemat to work so I don’t get my desk all dirty :).

As I work on my goals for 2010 I get excited for all that the year has in store. I know there is one goal I have for sure and that is to improve my blog and make it the best it can be! I am working with a company right now to get my blog transferred over to WordPress. I plan keeping my blog content the same, food and fitness but I want to step it up a notch! My goal for next year will be to post three times a day and include more healthy recipes and workouts as well as everyday life tips!

I can not thank you all enough for reading NHerShoes and supporting me through this Journey of life! I look forward so seeing what 2010 has in store for NHS!


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