Early Spring Cleaning

After breakfast and some bumming around I finally got the motivation to CLEAN! I feel like I am always talking about cleaning on here, but I feel like I can never get things clean enough. I know that my house is not really that dirty but I hate not being organized at all times. This is something I have had to let go of over the years, it’s the OCD talking.

So what did I do today?? Cleaned this MESS!


As you can see I have two closets, because Hubby has his own closet in his office 🙂


I took off the doors to get in their and get my hands dirty. As you can see I was in my comfies all day 🙂

IMG_6796 IMG_6803

This is what Bosco did all day, LAZY BUM!


                    BEFORE                                                     AFTER

IMG_6794 IMG_6808


                  BEFORE                                                     AFTER


IMG_6805 IMG_6809




Clean Closet 🙂 I have about two trash bags full of clothes I will be donating and a bag full of shoes.





I had to take a lunch break before I tackled the rest of the house. I made a large a$$ salad in my new red bowl! I love this bowl, it’s the perfect size for a salad.


My salad contained Romaine, Spinach, Mushrooms, Avocado, Clementine’s, Carrots, and Cucumbers.


On the side I enjoyed a small bowl of Yogurt with Kashi Go Lean sprinkled on top.


More Clean Food


I washed it all down with a Citrus Fresca!


Plus two GS Thin Mints 🙂


After lunch I finished the rest of the house. Something about cleaning can be so refreshing!


After all the cleaning Bosco and I got our nails done. I took him to Pet Bath and Beyond and he did great! Well kind of, he is a HUGE SQUIRMER!!! He hates his nails being trimmed.

At least he did enjoy the car ride home 😉

photo (62)

I did my own nails, first time in YEARS!


It never lasts so I feel like it is a waist of time, but it sure makes me feel pretty 🙂


Plus the toes.  


Well the evening is here and I only have one more thing to do before I head off to kickboxing. I am going to sit down and write out my Marathon plan, because tomorrow I begin my journey to Boston #2!!!!

Have a lovely evening dolls!


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