EAT Play and Play More!

Eating is what we do best here in the South! Well and we play 🙂

Yesterday we got into Memphis at 2:30pm and were starved!! I was running off less then 3 hours of sleep and needed FUEL! So our first stop was Backyard Burger! Hubby’s favorite food joint in Memphis.

He finally got his appetite back!


I enjoyed a favorite of mine, the pineapple chicken sandwich with the best fries ever!


After lunch Hub’s and I hit up the local outdoor mall for a little last minute Christmas shopping for the Tennessee family 🙂



I just wanted to sleep!


I loved these outfits in this window display!

DSC02733 DSC02734

After our adventures at the mall we came home and then went out to EAT with his Mama! Yep, we will be doing this a lot. We picked one of our fave’s for dinner, O’Charlies!


We really just like their rolls.


I started with a side salad. Really two tomatoes and a cucumber?!


Hubby and I split the Chicken Parmesan. We are going to try and split a lot of things while we are on vacation for two reasons. One being the cost, and two being the CALORIES! Even though I would normally choose a healthier option 🙂


On our way home we drove around looking at Christmas lights. When we turned on to one of the streets we were amazed at the lighted bags lined up on the streets. There must have been thousands upon thousands!!!


I crashed for almost 9 hours of sleep last night!! This morning I did a 4 mile tempo run in 33 minutes!! I still got it 😉 My MIL has a great trail right by her house. Gotta love the view in Tennessee 🙂




IMG_2057 IMG_2058


I also did 20 minutes of Jillian’s Yoga DVD. Breakfast was coffee and toast…something simple. I am recovering from this weekends eats 😉

This afternoon I met up with my college roommate Jess for lunch at McAlister’s Deli and guess what, she’s PREGNANT!!! What is in the water these days?!!!! I am sad I didn’t get a picture of us together, we were too busy catching up on life! Here is a picture from college, we look the same ;) 

I ordered the Wheat berry Chicken Sandwich & the Chicken Tortilla Soup an old favorite.


Now Hub’s and I are blogging and playing at Starbucks, love that they have FREE wi-fi!!

DSC02757 DSC02758
DSC02766  DSC02765

Who knows what the rest of the day will hold, that’s the best part about vacation!

P.S. Anyone in the Memphis area want to meet up for a run tomorrow morning????? I am trying to run everyday that I am here!