I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Well I won’t be home, but Hubby will 🙂

Last night Hub’s and I had dinner again with his Mama at our favorite Japanese Restaurant in Memphis, A-Tan! I started with a bowl of vegetable soup, I am trying to get as many veggies as I can on this trip.


Then it was SUSHI time! I had a California and Tuna mini roll.


We hung out with Hubs BFF Josh and his family last night until almost midnight! It was fun catching up and just hanging out.

This morning I let the sun wake me up and slept in until a little after 8 🙂 Instead of going for a run like I wanted to, I decided to just snuggle with Hubby and enjoy some corny ABC Christmas movies.

For breakfast, I made a simple bowl of Apple Cinnamon Oats. I used one of Hubby’s baby spoons, isn’t it so cute 😉


Along with a cup of SBUX coffee.

IMG_0002 IMG_0003 

Two essentials I always bring while on vacation!


Then I packed my small carry on to take with me to M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I!


I love that I can wear hats out here for functionality and style 😉


The FIL picked us up and took us out to lunch at yet another great Memphis joint, Huey’s, which has the best burgers in Memphis!


The FIL lives in Mississippi and we are going to be at his house for the next two days.


This restaurant is so laid back!


They even shoot toothpicks up into the ceiling!


They encourage writing on the walls.


I ordered their California Veggie burger… I see a theme here 😉


They have some of the best veggie burgers around. They look like real burgers!


Of course Hubby is the best and gave me a bite of his burger, so good!


Instead of fries, I got a side salad. Once again, it only had one cucumber and not even a whole tomato!


I might have stole a few of those babies too!


Before we headed to the farm, we made a pit stop at Wally World!


The Wal-Marts in MS are a bit different then they are in Cali.


This is for my California friends who have never heard of Rotel Cheese Dip!


The FIL is making us biscuits of course!


Do you see him? Yes I said him! Now that’s a mullet!


We also saw some other fun finds you would only see in the south, CAMO SUNGGIES!!!


On our drive we got a little History lesson from the FIL about the ol’ town of Coldwater.


Then we were HOME! My FIL has the best veggie garden, but it’s all dead right now 🙁


Before we headed to his “real” house we took a little tour of the random house that is on the property he owns.


When the FIL bought his land this house was on it, but he doesn’t live in it. He built another house to live in and this one just sits here..must be nice to have two houses!


We took a peak into the very old garage.


We had a little fun on the antique piano that was in shambles 🙁



IMG_4833 IMG_4832



This breaks my heart  🙁


YAY he has a Christmas tree!!!! For the past couple years we haven’t had one!


While the boys went out to feed the animals I played in the kitchen. I made Cake Balls inspired by Meghann. They seemed easy enough 🙂 I like easy!

Step 1: Make Cake



IMG_4846 IMG_4847

Step 2: Mix cake and frosting in a bowl. (I felt kinda sad destroying the cake!)


Step 3: Roll into balls.

Step 4: Well you were supposed to be able to dip the balls into the chocolate, but my cake was toooooooo soft! So I am freezing the balls for a bit then I will try and roll them in the chocolate, results to come tomorrow 🙂

Then I made another easy and festive treat! Chocolate covered pretzels. Instead of dipping each pretzel into the chocolate I just laid out the pretzels on a plate covered in wax paper and drizzled the chocolate all over the pretzels. The best thing to do is to put the chocolate into zip-lock bags and cut a corner to use to drizzle.


I also added on some red sprinkles. These are so tasty!!!!! I only had two promise 🙂


Now it’s time to CHILL before dinner.

I see many Christmas movies and Scrabble Flash in my future.


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